Audio Recordings

A growing collection of audio recordings that explore, discuss, and document the particulars of the Protarian denomination.

Protarianism is a new denomination and way of life based on early Christian beliefs. We believe in a simpler understanding of the Bible, one at odds with modern Christianity. Because of that, we reject pagan and philosophical distortions of the faith most people associate with mainstream churches such as a multi-person deity who torments his children forever in hell or spiritual planes of existence after death.

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Interested in Tribes?

While other denominations might send missionaries to Africa or Asia to start churches, Protarians consider helping people find their tribe—or starting a new tribe—to be our primary mission work. If you’re a Christian (of any denomination) and interested in the Biblical model for tribes, you can read “The Tribal Instinct,” available in print here or through Amazon in print, digital, and audiobook versions.

Feel free to get in touch if you’re looking to find a people and place for your family to call home—we may be able to help.

An image of the front of 'The Tribal Instinct' book. It is an off-white color with three large words (THE TRIBAL INSTINCT) in an uppercase serif font, centered and stacked on top of each other. The type is black with the exception of the word, Tribal, which is red and italicized. Underneath is the subtitle in smaller type, 'The Sacred Desire for People and Place.' On top of the title is a small primitive illustration, like a cave painting, of a man throwing a spear followed by a visibly pregnant woman.